About The Brand

Ever wonder what BrandWith3Dots..? & Scattered Thoughts..is ?

Here at BrandWith3Dots our merchandise continues to allow us to raise awareness of mental health. Every month up to 10-20% of our proceeds go towards a different mental health organization.

For example, we donated in the month of June 20% of our proceeds to the Treatment Advocacy Center which supports people with severe mental illness, like Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia.

Every purchase has helped make a difference in the world of mental health.

Scattered Thoughts:

The central focus of ScatteredThoughts.net is to push creativity.

 We serve as a voice of the voiceless. We focus on reminding our audience that they aren’t alone. One of the reasons we call it “Scattered Thoughts” is because each person on this planet has certain thoughts that we feel nobody else can relate to.. This is the place to share those thoughts.